Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY: Name Tote Bag

 Dylan's white tote bag for preschool got a makeover. The art teacher in me wanted to crazy, but I kept it low-key since I actually want him to use it and not throw a fit if I put fancy line designs all over it. The bag was found at Michael's for $3.99 and the letters were hand drawn, then painted using Speedball screen printing ink and a small paint brush.

Did we name our son after Bob Dylan? You betcha. Did we name our son after Jim Morrison? You betcha. Dylan Morrison will someday grow into this rock stardom of a name and use it to make music that brings tears to your eyes. Or makes you want to lay on a bed and stare off into space...

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  1. Hi Suzy! I been a fan of yours when you had your online store, years ago! I was sad to see you shutdown the online store! What a beautiful and amazing family you have! I randomly searched "vintage amore". And was happy to see you back in the Internet world! I love your blog!! Joyce


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