Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reader Inspiration: T.V. Wall

It's more and more common to have a television hanging on your wall instead of artwork and even now with super slim televisions, they can be quite the eyesore. My family rooms are focused around them and entertainment centers only help create emphasis on televisions. I'm guilty of having a television in every room and slowly, I'm learning how to incorporate them into each room and their design rather than the room working around the electronics.

A lovely reader prompted me with this question: "Do you have any ideas on what to do with my blank wall that JUST has a big flat screen t.v. on it? It's so boring!" Why yes I do!

Here's what we are starting with. Hey, T.V.!

Option 1: Add a long floating shelf under the television to create an area to place loved possessions, plants, pictures, books, candles, whatever your heart dreams of. Underneath it? You have a little bit of room to add a small basket to hold throw blankets and stack some pillows. If you want more height to cover up more of the wall, add a taller picture frame or decorative piece.

Option 2: Same idea as above, but instead of one long floating shelf, you can do a few smaller ones on each side and perhaps a longer one along the bottom. Choose colors in your accessories that compliment or bring out some of the colors in your couch pillows, blankets, or other pieces in the same room.

Option 3: Grab some unique fabric, put it in different sized embroidery hoops, cut the excess fabric and hang them around your television for pure decoration. You can also find an assortment of plates. The circles will help balance out the squareness of your television. Depending on how high your tv is, find a slim hallway table to place under your t.v. for extra storage and accessories. You might even have room under the table for a basket or two.

We had the exact same issue for five years. We had our t.v. on the wall, cables hanging down, complete blankness. Not hot. I don't know why I never did anything to it. It was down right awful. A few months ago, I found the perfect hallway table, took down the t.v. and created a new space. It's night and day in that room. 

I hope this helps! Need some advice? Tell me what you're working with or send me a picture to IamSuzySmith@gmail.com, describe your problem, and I'll mock something up for you!


  1. OMG! Your awesome! It's 11:13am San Diego time! And I'm pic texting the hubby for you thoughtful post! And yes, it's been years! Like I said, I was sad when your doors closed for vintage amore! I never bought anything because I'm hefty! Thank you so much! You simply made my day!! Joyce

  2. Hi Suzie! I miss ur blogging xoxo joyce


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