Monday, September 9, 2013

You light up my life

No really, you do. There's just a little somethin' somethin' about your eyes glaring into the screen and seeing the reflection of my blog in your pupil that just puts them over the top.

Sorry for getting creepy. I was talking to our new light fixture anyway. When we purchased our home 5.5 years old, we were blessed with tacky light fixtures and florescent lighting. Everything else in the house had been updated, including the fixtures, but they were the most inexpensive options to put in the house for the seller. And bright gold. Gleaming, bright gold. Needless to say, we've already swapped those out for ceiling fans and some home-made solutions (see directly below).

The ones that didn't get immediately replaces were our florescent lights. They are a tad bit more tricky in swapping them out than all of our other light fixtures and frankly, that's enough of an excuse for us to ignore them for a while. We're not tough to convince. However, there eventually comes a time where motivation kicks in and we just pound through it.

This is the before fixture (way back by the fireplace...kind of hard to see)...
 And the after...
We chose a really inexpensive light fixture since the more expensive ones didn't look too different. This one serves its purpose and doesn't look half bad. Luckily, we have great natural lighting in our basement. P.S...don't mind the inconsistent white and texture on the ceiling...I'm "working" on that...

Why such a drastic time lapse in the photo you ask? Well, my friends...We removed the florescent lights (we had another one down there) and also redecorated last summer. We patched up one removed fixture and attempted to install the new track lighting by the fireplace. We blew a few fuses, the wiring got messed up and whatever happened messed up the lighting for the porch. AKA, it was a mess. We left it alone for a while and meant to get the electric mess repaired, but put it off because we were a little intimidated by how much electricians typcially cost. The ceiling sat open-holed and wires visible for a year and finally, we had a personal connection that took care of everything for $20...UH, WHAT!?!? He lit up our lives for that moment.

To conclude the story, a year later we finally have a new light fixture, less wires, and less botched basement. Now, go look at something else with your sexay eyes.


  1. Hi Suzie, I love ur design! Very creative! I have a big blank wall with just. Huge flat screen, it's looks so boring! I love looking at you blogs And giving me inspirations! Do u have any ideas I can do Thanks! Joyce

    1. Joyce, thanks for stopping by and hanging around for...forever! :-) I am dedicating a post to you tomorrow for your t.v situation! I hope it helps!


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